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母 5

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母 5

My Mother 5
My Mother’s Sutra Copy
May 2010

Ma Mère 5
Le Sutra de Ma Mère
mai 2010

Sonoko WADA, 2010, India ink on Japanese paper, 24.2×33.0 cm

This is a sutra copy written by my mother on May 24, 2010.
My mother always copied sutras with Indian ink and an ink brush every morning after chanting sutras and housework.
Every morning!
This is a Buddhist training of copying Buddhist scriptures to another paper.
Then, when 50 or 100 sutras used Japanese calligraphy were collected, she took them to the temple of the WADA family in Takao, Tokyo.
And the chief priest of the temple burned them as a Buddhist tradition.
Then, the next day, my mother would start copying sutras from the first one again.
My mother always finished one piece a day.
And after another 50 or 100 days, my mother took them to the temple.
She continued to copy sutras every day until she collapsed in February 2011 due to subarachnoid hemorrhage.
Every day!
It’s been exactly 10 years since then this month.
She now has dementia, but she is well and lives calmly in a wheelchair with my family at home.
She is 86 years old this year.
Although my mother didn’t say anything to me about hand-copying sutras, she taught me a lot of important spirits and hearts that I need as an artist.

February 9. 2021