Spectrum Miami 2021 Started!

12月1日(水)の現地時間午後5時から、Spectrum Miami が予定通り始まりました。
なお、Spectrum Miami は、12月5日(日)まで、マイアミの Mana Wynwood で開催されます。

和田 健

Dear friends,

Spectrum Miami 2021 started at 5 pm on December 1st.
I received an email from the gallery yesterday.
I am very happy to know that the opening night was great and thousands of people came in and lots of art was sold, lots of enthusiasm….
Then, what a beautiful display on the white wall!
Thank you very much for the digital presentation as well!
Finally, I pray from Japan that the Omicron won’t hit them now!
The Miami Show will continue at Mana Wynwood until December 5th.

Have an artistic weekend!

Warmest regards,

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