Contemporary Art Curator Magazine というオンラインのアートマガジンのArtist of The Future Award を受賞しました。

和田 健

Dear friends,
I wish you and your loved ones are safe and well from the coronavirus (COVID-19).
As you might have already known well, CONTEMPORARY ART CURATOR is an online contemporary art magazine, it covers visual art, photography, street art, art events and art films.
It is my pleasure to inform you that I won the magazine’s Artist of the Future Award!
Thank you.

Warm regards,

I quote the following text from the magazine’s article.

Contemporary Art Curator Magazine is proud to announce the Artist of the Future Award!

A highly-anticipated Award to the most outstanding and talented artists working in the art world now.

Artist of the Future Award honours most talented artists that will most likely shape the future of the art world and showcase the distinct voices of a new generation of artists.

Artist of the Future Award awarded to the talented artist who has shown extraordinary originality and the innovative and original style. Winning these Award is a mark of excellence at the highest level!

Follow the link to see the winner:

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