Untitled 2020 No.12

無題 2020 No.12
北軽井沢 作品 No.405
91.0×72.7 cm

Untitled 2020 No.12
June 2020
Kitakaruizawa Works No.405
Acrylic on canvas
36.0×29.0 in.

Sans Titre 2020 Nº12
juin 2020
Kitakaruizawa Œuvres N°405
Acrylique sur toile
91.0×72.7 cm


Which do you prefer, No.11 or No.12?
Then, my next theme is green and white. The combination of green and white is really elegant, as much as the one of pink and black. For the time being, I will try to paint with only the two colors until I get stuck. I will also boldly change the structure for that purpose.

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