Un petit jardin pour Maman

23.0×25.0 cm

A small garden for Mother
August 2012
Watercolor and pencil on paper
9.5×10.0 in.

Un petit jardin pour Maman
août 2012
Aquarelle et crayon sur papier
23.0×25.0 cm

この絵の余白に、Un petit jardin pour Maman, 23×25 cm, 28 août 2012 の書き込みがありました。

Dear friends,

Recently I have come to think that a painting is a profound thing. This picture is nice, isn’t it? 
Probably, seven years ago, the picture seemed loose for me. However, for me now, the one can be moderately broken, and that’s good for me now. People change over time, even a person like me will grow a little. In July and August, I have watched many of my past works for a reason. In the middle of such arrangement, this picture really fell from my works’ collection on the studio’s floor.
After all, when you draw a picture, you may not know the truth about whether the picture is good or bad at that time.
It may be a little joy and happiness of my work that I can draw and accumulate in the form of painting every day as a serious and central matter in my life. Unfortunately, I can’t express it well even in Japanese.
A painting is directly linked to maturity as a human being, and if you can continue to have the spirit of enjoying ugliness*¹ a little more on a daily basis, it will be a quiet feeling to enjoy your life in your late years. You may be able to reach a quiet place where you can talk to yourself and a place that you had never dreamed of when you were a hard young. Probably, I think that “Do not judge” in the Bible will also be connected here.
In the margin of this picture, there was a writing of “Un petit jardin pour Maman, 23×25 cm, 28 août 2012”. I wonder that the subtitle of this one may be “A little joy”.
Anyway, a painting is a really good thing, because a painting can accept them while living with the growth and change of people, I finally think that way at this time.

Warm regards,

But thinking so I came at once
Where solitary man sat weeping on a bench,
Hanging his head down, with his mouth distorted
Helpless and ugly as an embryo chicken.
-1929- W. H. Auden

2 Responses to “Un petit jardin pour Maman”

  1. Ysabel de Maisonneuve Says:

    Your colors are coming to my heart

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